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AI consultancy helping HR professionals to implement AI into their organisation to support productivity, engagement, and learning and development.

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Welcome to AI Capability. We work within the diverse community of HR professionals to make AI understandable, manageable and cost effective, with the overall goal of helping senior executives to maximise adoption and create business value.

A team with over 30 years’ HR transformation experience, we have a trusted track record of delivering meaningful AI integration projects for companies in every industry worldwide.

Our HR AI expertise is recognised for ethical compliance and cultural sensitivity. We include AI assessment as part of our HR transformation programme.


Some 75% of companies are set to have adopted AI technologies by 2027. Meanwhile, 80% plan to accelerate automation during this period. Source: World Economic Forum 14th August 2023

Source: World Economic Forum 14th August 2023

HR consultancy services

We provide a range of services to help HR professionals integrate AI into their organisation in order to improve the efficiency of recruiting and onboarding, employee engagement, learning and development and more:


Recruitment and talent acquisition


Employee onboarding


Performance management


Employee engagement


HR analytics


Chatbot support


Compliance and ethics


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The goal of HR transformation is to create a more agile, strategic, and forward-looking HR function that can better support the organisation’s growth and success.

HR transformation refers to the process of reimagining and restructuring the Human Resources function within an organisation to better align with the changing needs and demands of the business environment. It involves implementing significant changes to HR processes, technologies, and strategies to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall value to the organisation. HR transformation often includes initiatives such as adopting new HR technologies (including AI), redefining HR roles and responsibilities, redesigning employee experiences, and aligning HR practices with the organisation’s strategic goals.

What trends will shape HR over the next 5 years?

By 2025, the HR industry will have been able to use technology and people analytics to move towards thought leadership. A focus on real-time performance reviews and purposeful creation of a diverse workforce will shape best practices.

Improving capabilities, especially in the areas of practical agility, being more technologically savvy, and creating realistic HR interactions with a human:

Practical Agility

The HR team leads by example by redefining its organisational structure and introducing agile methods and tools. HR teams can update their skills here.

Technically Savvy

New technologies will continue to play an important role in HR but now managing an AI roadmap and how to use big data effectively is a key consideration.

HR Consulting

HR needs to shift its focus from a ticketing process to identify the “how your time matters” for the future professional management of clients in each business.

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